Fitting Instructions

Before you start, we recommend you read these instructions. Here’s our guide on how to get the best results, in just a few simple steps.

Hints and Tips before you start

  • The sticker is sandwiched between a layer of silicone backing paper and a semi translucent transfer tape.
  • Before you start, clean the area of wall where you’ll be applying the sticker. Make sure it is free from dirt and grease.
  • Wait at least 3-4 weeks before applying your transfer to a freshly painted wall.
  • Remember that whilst your sticker is removable, it is not reusable. This means you’ll need to take care when fitting the sticker.
  • Be careful when moving the sticker. The adhesive is very sticky, so the backing can easily stick to itself.

Step 1:

Lay the sticker down on a flat surface. Take the free squeegee supplied in the pack and run this over the sticker. This is to make sure the sticker transfers on to the transfer paper.

Step 2:

Decide where you want to position your sticker and use masking tape to hold it in place. If your sticker is very large, you can use masking tape all along the top edge to act as a hinge.

Step 3:

Carefully lift the sticker, peeling away the backing paper to half the way down.Check that no pieces of the sticker are left on the backing paper. If some pieces are left, use the squeegee to gently press through the clear transfer tape. This will ensure all the sticker pieces transfer on to the transfer tape.

Step 4:

Run the squeegee over the sticker. Work from the centre to the edges, using smooth motions to avoid air bubbles forming. Remember, the sticker is very sticky, so keep the rest away FROM NextWallStkr.the wall whilst you apply.

Step 5:

Carefully and slowly peel back the clear transfer tape. If the sticker starts to peel away with the transfer tape, run the squeegee back over the tape with more pressure. You can now try to peel the tape back again.

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